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The wideband active antenna multicoupler is used in radio communications and wideband receiving systems to connect several receivers to a single antenna in such a way that the equipment impedance is properly matched to the antenna impedance, with no loss of signal power. In fact, often gain is introduced by the multicoupler to overcome the noise figures of following stages. Multicouplers are key components in signal distribution systems such as the full fan-out antenna switch matrix. Key indicators of the quality of an antenna multicoupler are the following points.


When comparing the specifications of multicouplers, check to ensure that the quoted figures for 'Intermodulation Intercept Point' refer to the complete unit and not just to the preamplifier. Raven Research makes very high performance preamplifiers at HF and VHF/UHF with high dynamic range and low power consumption. Multicoupler performance is largely defined by the quality of the preamplifier but the overall performance is also significantly effected by the following signal splitting circuitry. A low loss signal power divider is preferable

Raven multicouplers are designed and built in the UK at the company's facility in Reading, Berkshire. The product line includes broadband VLF/HF, HF, and VHF/UHF units.  VLF/HF Units cover the frequency range 10kHz to 1.5MHz. HF units cover 1.5MHz to 40MHz. VHF/UHF units cover 20MHz to 3000MHz.


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